Browser Trackers

Ever wondered why, when you look at products on an online shop like Amazon, then go to websites like Facebook it comes up with adverts related to products you saw on Amazon? This is because of Browser trackers.

They do this by using tags which collects data on what you do online, then create cookies which are stored on your web browser. These are used by websites to track your behaviours, this is most helpful as they speed up your browsing by loading pages you have already been on quicker and entering login details when you load a login page you have used previously.

On the other hand, this does have a downside. People online can use these cookies and tracking software to build a profile of you and your shopping habit. Unlike most websites who use only the information you agree to share to help your shopping needs, these people will sell the information on to spammers or use the information to hack your device and online accounts.

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