Storage optimization



ScanGuard has a great space optimizer function. 

ScanGuard will scan through your photos searching for any duplicates that you may not need anymore. It also scans through your apps and checks if there is any cached data that can be deleted.



Once the process has finished, it will take you to the summary page where you will be able to see how much space you can free up. The app will also show you how much of this potential free space is due to deleting duplicate pictures and how much is from clearing the cache.


Deleting duplicate pictures and clearing the cache:


Duplicate Photos Cleaner is a powerful tool which can save you from manually scrolling through hundreds of duplicate and identical looking photos in order to delete them and save space. Simply tap the orange "Duplicate Photos" or "Duplicate Files" button on the bottom left-hand side of the Cleaner summary screen in order to view any suggested duplicate photos. (please note that some of the phrases on the buttons may vary depending on the version you are running).

You can either select all or just a few to clear. Once you have finalized your selections, just tap the "Delete Files" button at the bottom of the screen. Please be aware once the files are deleted, you cannot retrieve them!



Once the app has deleted all the duplicate photos, you will be presented with a list of apps on your device that contain cached data.  Clearing junk and cached data can further increase your storage. 

Just select the apps from the list that you wish to clear, and tap the "Optimize" button. Once it's cleared, you will see a summary of how many files have been deleted and the free space available on your device.


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