Out of date app & definitions

You have likely landed on this article if you are seeing a Windows message or notification which states your virus definitions or app version are out of date.

If that’s the case, don’t worry… We have a few troubleshooting steps which can instantly help resolve your problem.

Step 1: **Click Here to Install the Update Hotfix**

Step 2: Run the hotfix by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘Run’ when prompted

Step 3: Wait while the updates are made (progress is shown in bottom right of your screen)

Once successfully completed your ScanGuard app will perform a Smart Scan which will mean the issue is resolved.

That didn’t work? Try this…

If this automated fix didn’t work you will need to proceed to uninstall, restart and reinstall the application.

This allows us to completely remove the app and install the latest version which will fix the problems you are experiencing.

Click Here for the uninstall & reinstall process ScanGuard

If you continue to experience issues are trying this please contact us directly on support@scanguard.com