Generic Error Message

You are likely reading this article because the error you are seeing isn't listed on the 'Issues with Real-Time Protection' page.

Although we haven't yet developed a resolution for generic error messages the below steps should fix what you are seeing.

Generic Error Resolution Steps:

1. Uninstall completely from your device

2. Restart your device prior to reinstallation **This steps is very important**

3. You will now need to reinstall our latest version, which is available here

4. After the successful installation of the app, please restart your device

That didn’t work? Try this…

If you continue to experience issues after this complete the following:

Locate the TotalAV option in the tray menu and hold the shift key and right click the icon.

Once you have done this select ‘Generate Troubleshooting Data’, a file will then save to your desktop.

Please attach these files to an email and send it to

(We will pass these logs to our development team for investigation and work on the fix as a priority)