Error Message: OANotInitialized

If you seeing the error message 'Status: OANotInitialized' when activating your real-time protection it’s nothing to worry about.

In many cases, you will be experiencing this due to conflicting applications (old antivirus software) or attempting to install a new version of ScanGuard on top of an older version.

You can resolve this common error by simply,

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  2. Click Task Manager 
  3. Within the Task Manager window, click the tab labelled Services 
  4. This will list all active background services, most likely in alphabetical order, scroll down to find a process called SecurityService
  5. Right-Click on SecurityService, in the context menu click Restart
  6. In the Status Column, watch the status change from Stopping, Stopped, Starting to Started
  7. Close Task Manager, close from the system tray, then re-open
  8. Real Time Protection can now be successfully enabled

Still experiencing issues? Get in touch...

If you continue to experience issues after this complete the following:

Locate the ScanGuard option in the tray menu and hold the shift key and right-click the icon.

Once you have done this select ‘Generate Troubleshooting Data’, a file will then save to your desktop.

Please attach these files to an email and send it to  

(We will pass these logs to our development team for investigation and work on the fix as a priority)