Name:  Conficker

Date Discovered: September 4th, 2009

Type: Malware

Impact: High

Reported Infections: Low

Operating System: Windows

Amount of PCs Infected: 2,000,000+


Virus Detected onScanGuard?: YES


How it affects the user: The hacker will remotely be able to shut the computer down and steal personal information.


Resolution: Download and runScanGuard.


Summary of how to remove Virus:

  • Run a system scan onScanGuard.
  • Enable real-time protection
  • Delete all files that flag as a threat
  • Delete all quarantined items
  • Continue to close the browser that you used when the virus showed via task manager.
  • Do not restore tabs when you reopen browser

More Info:

This virus is the biggest computer worm infection that the internet has seen 2003. Its targeted millions of government, business, and personal computers in over 190 different countries. It operates by using flaws in the Windows and OS Software to administer passwords to form a botnet which lets the hacker remotely access the user's device and steal data and send spam. has been unusually difficult to counter because of its combined use of many advanced malware techniques.