Name: Worm/Brontok.C

Date Discovered: October 8th, 2015

Type: Malware

Impact: High

Reported Infections: Low

Operating System: Windows

Amount of PCs Infected: 10,000 +


Virus Detected onScanGuard?: YES


How it affects the user: If not detected this will spread itself, for instance, over the Internet using email, peer-to-peer networks such as social media networks or email networks.


Resolution: Download and runScanGuard.


Summary of how to remove Virus:

  • Run a system scan onScanGuard.
  • Enable real-time protection
  • Delete all files that flag as a threat
  • Delete all quarantined items
  • Continue to close the browser that you used when the virus showed via task manager.
  • Do not restore tabs when you reopen browser


More Info:

This virus targets the Android operating system and effects the device by visiting infected sites. This can be used by rogue users or malware to lower security settings. It is able to steal sensitive information such as banking information and login details to websites or apps. It can also remotely send texts or dial premium numbers and lock or encrypt the device so the user has to pay to unlock the device.