Zeus Virus

Name: Zeus Virus

Date DIscovered: March 1st, 2009

Type: Ransomware

Impact: High

Reported Infections: High

Operating System: Microsoft Windows.

Amount of PCs Infected: 3,600,000+


Virus Detected on ScanGuard?: Yes

How it affects the user: it steals personal banking credentials, other passwords, and personal information. They then would have to pay a ransom, mainly in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, to retrieve data.

Resolution: Download and run ScanGuard 

Summary of how to remove Virus:

  • Run a system scan on ScanGuard.
  • Enable real-time protection
  • Delete all files that flag as a threat
  • Delete all quarantined items
  • Continue to close the browser that you used when the virus showed via task manager.
  • Do not restore tabs when you reopen the browser.

More Info:

The Zeus Virus, that was first identified in July 2007, targets Windows users by pop-ups informing them they have a virus, using the command prompt, to make the user believe their device is infected. This virus then installs Ransomware and the hacker will threaten to sell your personal information such as passwords and banking information if a ransom isn't paid, mainly through an untraceable cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.