Child Monitoring

ScanGuard provides child identity protection services for Subscribers. A child is defined as a minor under the age of 18.ScanGuard will allow a parent or legal guardian, as the adult Subscriber, to provide their child’s information to protect up to 10 children per adult from identity theft.

The child monitoring Service is comprised of one or both of the following:

  • CyberAgent®
  • Social Security Number Trace


In order to receive the details on a child’s monitored information, the legal guardian must prove guardianship. Passing the one-time guardianship process is contingent on the guardian supplying a federal or court produced document proving such relationship.

The legal guardian will receive an active child’s reports, alerts and notifications. A child is no longer considered a minor when the child reaches his or her eighteenth (18th) birthday and is no longer eligible for monitoring services provided by the child monitoring Service.