Credit Data and Authentication Services

Credit Monitoring, Scoring and Reporting

ScanGuard supports Experian credit data. Initial reports are generated upon successful authentication, which may be one-time for the life of the account, or updated upon any monthly frequency desired such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Credit scores and monitoring can also be turned on or off by Service configuration or by Client. Credit reports with scores (either Single Bureau or Tri-Bureau) and credit scores (Single Bureau) can also be purchased as an a´ la carte feature upon the Subscriber’s successful authentication.

Score Tracker is a month-after-month graph that provides Subscribers with insights into their credit score. Each month, Subscribers will see how their credit scores change over time, along with score factors that provide insight into what events may have caused their specific credit score to change at a certain point in time.



Credit Authentication

As required by the credit bureaus, each Subscriber must pass credit authentication before the Subscriber may access his or her credit reports, scores and/or alerts. The Subscriber receives an online authentication quiz upon enrollment or during upgrade into any credit Services. The quiz generates up to 5 multiple choice questions based on information found in the Subscriber’s credit bureau file. These questions may include address, employer, and account information, such as account balances, credit limits, and open dates for a particular account. The Subscriber receives two attempts to pass the online authentication quiz. If the Subscriber fails both attempts, the Subscriber must perform manual authentication with a member services agent prior to viewing any credit reports, scores and/or alerts.



Delayed Authentication Credit Monitoring

The delayed authentication credit monitoring feature allows Subscribers to enroll into a credit monitoring Service prior to authentication and the “pinning” of the Subscriber for monitoring at the credit bureau. This delayed authentication feature will be enabled prior to the Subscriber’s completion of credit authentication, and the Subscriber will receive credit alerts through the monitoring process. However, the details of the credit alerts will not be viewable until the Subscriber successfully completes credit authentication. Outside of credit monitoring, credit reports and scores will not be viewable until the Subscriber successfully completes credit authentication.