Identity Restoration

ScanGuard’s Identity Restoration service, provided by our in-house call center and comprised of all CITRM (Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist) designated staff, supports members in restoring one’s identity in the event that their identity is compromised. Bilingual specialists, multilingual and hearing-impaired services are offered and available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Identity Restoration delivers value when members need it most and protects individuals in the event of identity theft.

Full-Service Identity Restoration

Full-Service Identity Restoration by CITRMS designated Identity Restoration staff reduces the time and effort a member endures in the event that their identity is stolen, and goes beyond traditional credit report restoration by offering robust case knowledge in non-credit restoration.

  • “White glove” concierge service that completes virtually all aspects of the identity restoration process for the member
  • Limited Power of Attorney obtained
  • Eliminates out-of-pocket expenses

Assisted Identity Restoration

Assisted Identity Restoration helps members by offering an assigned Restoration Specialist to offer tips, detailed instructions and follow-up to assist members in restoring their identity.

  • Assigned Restoration Specialist to assist member
  • Documents and detailed instructions provided

Self-Service Identity Restoration

Self-Service Identity Restoration gives members step-bystep instructions for repairing and restoring a compromised identity.

  • Online portal with identity theft prevention tips and restoration tools
  • Interactive guide with documents and detailed instructions to walk individuals through restoring their identity

All restoration cases are conducted by CITRMS (Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist) staff.