Social Security Number Trace

ScanGuardD’s Social Security Number Trace service provides subscribers with a report of all names and aliases associated with their Social Security number (SSN), and notifies them if a new one is added. Knowing what information is tied to an individual’s SSN has proven to be an effective warning system for identity theft. Our Internet surveillance technology, CyberAgent® has found over 267,000 SSNs on the dark web since 2006.1 With a stolen SSN, identity thieves can apply for loans, open credit cards and more, damaging an individual’s credit in the process. To enable detection of potential identity theft, the service monitors credit header data in all 50 states. This includes name and address entries submitted by credit grantors, courthouses and government agencies to the consumer’s credit history for tradelines, court proceedings, bankruptcies and liens. AddScanGuard’s Social Security Number Trace service to your identity protection offering today and arm your subscribers with knowledge regarding how their SSN is being used.