Web Shield

ScanGuard Web Shield is a FREE Chrome add-on that detects and safely redirects searches away from websites that may pose a threat to your system. This privacy-enhanced search engine will keep you protected from phishing, malware and malicious websites, stopping hackers and snoopers from gaining access to your personal data.

To learn how to install the extension, please click here

You will notice, when you open up your new tab, you’ll have a new search bar.



Safe Search

Web Shield will help you avoid dangerous websites by scanning the website link for threats before you becoming a victim. Web Shield will warn you instantly is it detects anything suspicious. This works for any link on the Internet, including those from social media.

You will see the below warning if the site you are about to view is on our blacklist.

Just hover your mouse pointer above the green tick or the red cross to get some more information from the page you are about to open.

Web shield Safe Search Overview

Shield Safe Warning for harmful websites

We give you the option to return to the previous site and safety or to carry on to the potentially dangerous website. Additionally, we give you the option to trust the website if you are a frequent visitor.

Safe website - GREEN - Good


Potentially Dangerous Website - RED - Bad