ScanGuard Browser Extension

Our new Chrome browser extension for ScanGuard is here.

To improve your safety online, we've created a new browser extension so we're always there when you need us. Firefox, Opera, and Edge are coming soon!

To download your extension, please log in to your ScanGuard account and select the "Safe Search" tab from the left-hand side. Click on the "Download Chrome Extension" button. Once the extension is installed, login using the same credentials.



How to install the extension?

First, you need to install our Chrome extension. Please click on the Chrome logo

Once you have downloaded the extension, please make sure that it is enabled. To do this, go to chrome://extensions/ and search for Scanguard Web Shield and tick the enabled box shown below.



Once the extension is enabled, you'll see a new icon at the top right-hand corner of the browser. Click on the new icon and sign in with the same login as you use for signing into the app.





To install our Firefox extension, click on the Firefox logo

Here are the tools that are available in our brand new browser extension:

  • ScanGuard Safe Search Home Page

  • Anti-Virus status monitor

To ensure you are fully protected byScanGuard at all times the anti-virus status should show as ‘Active’. If this is disabled, simply select the button to turn on.

In this day and age, it is critical to have a reputable anti-virus product active on your device to secure your online experience.

  • Clean Cookies with one click

This tool will scan all of your cookies and remove any advertising and tracking cookies to help keep you more anonymous online.

Sites partner with advertising companies to generate additional revenue. To maximise returns, these sites often add tracking cookies to your browser allowing them to monitor your internet usage and search history. This ensures the ads you see are targeted to you, however, this can be seen as intrusive and an invasion of user privacy.

  • Launch Private Browsing window

Private browsing allows you to take your browsing experience incognito. Any search history, cookies or browsing data will be deleted when you close.

Don’t worry, this won’t impact any downloads or bookmarks you create these will be kept. Remember, Private Browsing doesn’t hide your browsing history from your employer, internet provider or the websites you visit but will block third-party cookies.

  • Clear Browsing History with one click

Instantly clear your internet browsing history, download history, cached files & images and other site data.

  • Activate Ad Blocker

An advanced Ad Blocker can provide an improved browsing experience by enhancing loading speed, responsiveness, and security.

Some advertising networks can be prone to hackers which inject ads with malware (malicious software) to infect your device. Ensure you have AdBlocker activate to improve your online experience and safety.

  • Settings

This is where you set up your quick action buttons listed above.

  1. You can toggle Safe Search on and off. Safe Search automatically checks the results from all major search engines.
  2. Redirect Queries to Safe Search. If this feature is enabled all google and Bing search results will be redirected to our Safe Search engine
  3. Set the Clear History period action. Select the amount of time you'd like the Clear History feature to empty when the icon is clicked.
  4. Send Anonymous Usage Data. Allow Safe Search to collect data to help improve our service. Toggle on or off depending on your preference.
  5. Remove Trusted URLs. This is where you can whitelist flagged URLs.